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Anonymous asked: "What would your ideal gun policy for America look like?"

simple. americans she be allowed to own any fire arm they desire but of course with the obvious background checks and other safety precautions.  

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mechatech84 asked: "I like your blog. Keep up the good work! =D"

thank you!

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thesilvercolonel asked: "I love your blog! I'm a fellow Christian, conservative, and southern girl (Mobile, AL is my home). I hope you have a blessed evening and may our Lord Jesus keep you and yours always :)"

thank you so so much! I pray he keeps and protects you as well :)

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Anonymous asked: "Personally i think that anons an idiot. Im white but i think its silly to get caught up in all this race stuff. I will marry a GOOD woman. I really dont care about her race as long as shes a christian with good morals and values."

that should always be the first priority. what are they like on the inside vs the color of their skin. 

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Anonymous asked: "Oh come on now! It makes since to me that the manager was heartbroken that people wouldnt care about preserving their own race and culture! This day in age no one cares about race. We have to promote sticking to our own kind and teach it."

so thats an excuse to be hateful and predjiduce to someone and their child?!