Anonymous asked: "have you ever worn clothes of mixed material , cursed (at) your mother or father? had sex while on your period? (in fact, left your room while on your period?)Eaten fatty meat?been raped and not married the rapist? Braided your hair? Im guessing you've done all, if not just most of these things. They're all forbidden in the bible too. So who's to say that gays are the one rule we choose to follow?"

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carlottalara asked: "Well that includes natural-born citizens growing up in Islamic households. But what on earth is 'scary' about people finding their faith in Allah? It's exactly the same as you finding your faith in God."

no. no it is not. 

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gotta get ready and go to school
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adayinthecountry asked: "Jesus died for our sins he would we would sin! So you can't say he didn't put sin in us. He knew we would lie that's why he sent Jesus down here!"

uh go back and read your bible. humans created sin we sin AGAINT Gods will. why would God make us sinners and then punish us for what he did?

Jesus came to save us from our sins. OUR sins. its what we did to ourselves. 

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scientifically-made asked: "alright so its settled you really dont have a reason why gay marriage should be illegal."

I do have a reason you just choose not to accept it and thats fine.